Veronica Bahn

Side Hustle Expert

Committed to helping women create consistent
cash flow in their Side Hustle.

A Welcome Message from Veronica

eWomen Network 2021 Business Matchmaker of the Year

My Story

Through my 31 years of marriage and raising three adult children, I have been able to sharpen my business skills through real life experiences, which translated into a financially successful business, impactful family life, and flexible schedule.

I have worked with coaches and became a student of self-development which taught me how to let go of what I could not control – it continues to be a daily practice.

One of my dreams came true in 2019 when I collaborated with 19 other women to create a beautiful book, The Lemonade Stand. I was able to share my story of how I created my first Side Hustle while raising children and working every day to create something greater in my own life. The experience of working side-by-side with these professional women was a reminder that we are not alone. Learning from their stories of overcoming challenges and insurmountable obstacles showed me we can all achieve more by linking arms and working together.

I have spent my own professional life in marketing and sales and now I guide women to experience their own level of financial freedom, flexibility, and freedom to do whatever brings them joy with purpose-driven business they love. The world opens up when you can establish boundaries and learn how to become your own biggest fan. My greatest joy comes from empowering women to create sales, make collaborative connections and show up in this digital world by unlocking their greatest strengths so they can build sustainable wealth.

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