Improve Your Side Hustle

Looking To Improve Your Side Hustle?

Whether you’ve already started a Side Hustle or you’re just getting ready to, it’s always a great idea to have support. Not just any support but advice and support from someone who’s been where you are, has felt your stress and can share with you the tools and strategy to get through it and THRIVE.

This is when it’s time to get some dedicated support from an expert.

When women work with me they already know that they’re not on their path. They may have started on it but somewhere along the line they have veered off and are not feeling as successful, as motivated, or as fulfilled as they used to be. Can you relate to that?

You know you have a passion and you know you have a unique set of skills that makes your heart shine. Perhaps you are struggling with finding a way to make it, consistently pay the bills and have extra at the end of the month. Together we can get through this and create a better plan for you – based on your life – so let’s prepare a path for you with the new habits and business goals to make a difference in your finances, freedom and flexible schedule.

This one to one program is a perfect place for you to start. It allows for more dialogue and collaboration to drill down into your purpose and allow your brilliance to shine its way to the surface! Here we can set the foundation for your unique business model that has real value and serves you and your clients.

The Glowing Sunshine Package

  • 30 days of clarity and support
  • 4 private consultation sessions tailored to meet you where you are now and help light your path to get you to where you want to be (60 minutes each) with weekly objectives
  • 5-minute accountability call M-F
  • Side Expert tips delivered directly to your inbox
  • VIP Membership to the S.H.E. Nation online membership

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My experience with Veronica:

Veronica has a very kind, attention to detail personality. She has a soft approach and listens to me with genuine heart that truly wants to help me succeed. I never feel like a number with her or that she is superior over me. I don’t feel like a bullet point on a 1, 2, 3 list that should be put into a cookie cutter, I don’t feel like 1 size fits all with Veronica.”

L. Stewart, Vegupgetdirty