Leap Into A Bigger Side Hustle

Ready To Leap Into A Bigger Side Hustle?

Having a Successful Side Hustle can create several levels of freedom! From financial stability and excellence to enjoying additional time and fulfillment in what you do. Your Side Hustle holds the key to truly shining brilliantly in the world and sharing your genius with those you serve!

But maybe you’re not quite there yet. Or have you fallen out of love with the process?

Are you experiencing months of negative cash flow?

Together we minimize the rough days and develop a strategy to create more days of success and celebration! Through accountability and following specific weekly objectives you can take your Side Hustle to the next level. This is the time to dream big, act bigger and actualize all those amazing things you have been envisioning!

  • Focus on the heart of your business to stay inspired
  • Develop – and follow – a financial plan tailored to you and designed to create levels of positive consistent cash flow
  • Understand your market and develop marketing pieces that work for you
  • Create daily action steps that take you from where you are now to shining brilliantly, the way you always dreamed of!

The Luminous Sunshine package is  one to one coaching experience that i designed to move you forward quickly. It requires commitment to change – the behavior and steps that got you where you are won’t get you where you want to be! This program is crafted to create  massive move forward for you and your business! Because of this, Veronica is very selective about those she coaches at this level. To apply, please find a time on her calendar that works best for schedule here.  You will have a complimentary, 20 minute Revealing Star Discovery call to assess where you are in business and determine the best course of action forward.

The Luminous Sunshine Package

This package includes all of Program B plus:

  • Eight more weeks of Accountability to meet objectives
  • Six private 60 minutes Zoom calls recorded
  • A business master plan that fits your life
  • Resources to market your Side Hustle
  • Personal Development tools to keep you on track

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My experience with Veronica:

“Veronica Bahn has changed my life! She is an absolute gem with a kind heart and wise mind she will push you with a tough push or a soft hand – really, she is an award-winning awesome – you would be lucky to be a part of her world!”

Courtney C., Crooke Company