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Do you have the Paid Pro Version of Canva but have only scratched the surface of how to use this wonderful marketing tool?

Learn how to utilize Canva (in two 60 minute videos) for your social media strategy content and creation and marketing, with some best tips to Grow your business and “Be So Visible You Can’t Be Ignored”!

Social Media Marketing Audit

Empower Your Brand’s Impact:

Unleash the Full Potential with Veronica Bahn’s Exclusive 75-Minute “Visibility Audit for SOCIAL!”

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The Client Experience

“Working with Veronica has been a really rewarding experience.  She has come to understand my business in ways that have given us both freedom.  Freedom for her to create and Freedom for me to trust what is being created fits within my overall strategy.  She has gone above and beyond  to understand my business, integrating herself into my work, conducting a breadth of research to help support me in my mission, strategy and technological challenges!  She has proven to be a great creative, intuitive guide with a heart full of sunshine.”

Jane Cebrynski

Patterson Sports Ventures

“Veronica has helped to guide me in the direction to support my own creative ambition into something that I can bring into the world. She has inspired me to be felt, seen and heard.”

Annie Gerber

Healing with Human Design

In the short time, I have worked with Veronica, I have been impressed with how well she can highlight the work I do, how she communicated with me about what the next steps are and have eyes on my business in ways I didn’t realize was essential to make sure I succeed. I am excited to work with her for an extended period and can’t wait to see what results  we will create together!

Teresa Porter

Sirrine Yoga

Veronica is incredibly knowledgeable and positive when giving marketing advice. She gave me several ideas regarding how to improve my marketing efforts. I highly recommend her!

Carol Mickey

Milos Designs

Jane Cebrynski
Patterson Sports Ventures

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