Social Media Marketing Audit

What's Inside Your Social Media Marketing Audit:

Illuminate Your Brand Messaging: Unlock your digital footprint's true potential.

Live Strategy Session: During our live session together, I will audit your website and two other social media platforms. "Be Social to Grow Social™"

Insights: Sharing Pro Tips the entire time to guide you and provide actionable steps to create synergy across your platforms and transform confusion into clarity with actionable insights. Recording of our time together.

Why You Need This:

Save Time and Money: Skip the maze of discovery and research. Gain direct access to my expertise, saving you time, money, and headaches.

Clarify Your Message: Say goodbye to confusion! I'm here to guide you through the noise, helping you clarify your message consistently and impactfully to captivate your audience.

Polish & Shine Your Website and Brand

Get ready to refresh your social media and strategize content creation—every single month. Not only will you strengthen your communications and relationships with current customers, you’ll also expand your brand and gain new followers along the way. Customers who have been searching for, but unable to find, your business—until this program. 

You’ll receive: 

Strategic planning and calls that outline strategies for your social media—2 hours a month

Social media posts created by Veronica and team on Tuesdays and Thursdays 

Blogs written each week and uploaded to your website by Veronica and team, and promoted by your virtual assistant

Weekly emails and edits with keywords

2 new landing pages/lead magnets with an email sequence of up to 8 total emails

Banners created by Veronica and team that match your branding strategy

You’ll learn how to:

Update branding within Canva 

Update profiles for LinkedIn, Facebook Business and IG

Create effective calls to action and content using Canva and your SMART goal strategies

Gather and share client testimonials

This program does not include work on your website or CRM. (what about the blogs, it says the team posts them on the website?)

Program options:

Visibility VIP Membership
(12 Monthly Payments)

Our TMSM Visibility VIP membership Facebook group offers a wealth of valuable insights and guidance, perfect for those looking to enhance their social media presence and marketing strategies. As a member, you'll receive exclusive information, direct access to me for questions and brainstorming sessions, and more.

Take advantage of this opportunity by exploring the benefits of joining our Visibility VIP membership group today. Secure your spot as one of the first 50 founders for just $47.00/month.

How To Launch Amazon's Next
#1 Best-Selling Book

You’ve written the book. Now it’s time to launch it. If you feel overwhelmed and out of your depth, this live virtual workshop is for you. Especially if you want to see your book soar to #1 on Amazon!

In just 1 hour, Veronica will unlock the secrets of what it takes to build a successful book launch campaign. Get ready to:

Gain insights into Amazon’s algorithms and best practices—to optimize your book’s visibility and ranking 

Discover the tools and tactics you need to craft compelling social media campaigns that captivate audiences and drive book sales

Use email marketing effectively to nurture your audience, build anticipation and drive preorders

Master the art of crafting irresistible launch offers and bonuses—to incentivize readers to purchase your book during launch week Leverage the collective power of all authors involved in your book project—to maximize exposure and reach

Get your burning questions answered by an expert with a proven track record of guiding authors to #1 Amazon bestseller status

Canva Workshop Videos

Do you have the Paid Pro Version of Canva but have only scratched the surface of how to use this wonderful marketing tool?

Learn how to utilize Canva (in two 60 minute recorded workshop videos) for your social media strategy content and creation and marketing, with some best tips to Grow your business and “Be So Visible You Can’t Be Ignored”!

Complete your purchase and the ZOOM links for each video will be sent to your email address.

What's Included:

Workshop 1 - Canva Skills For Beginners

You will learn:

*How to navigate the Canva Dashboard.

*How to use different templates for your platforms and how to search them by your needs.

*How to edit with images, stock photos, elements and text.

*How to add your branding tool kit with logos, fonts, and colors.

*How to animate and add audio.

*How to utilize the content planner and schedule your posts across LinkedIn, IG, Facebook Business, and Pinterest.

Workshop 2 - Canva Skills For Entrepreneurs:

You will learn:

*How to add a QR code to a design for a business card and create it in Canva.

*How to create a banner layout for a display table or stand alone before sending it to a printer.

*How to upload a video and photos from your phone or desktop to a Canva folder for your design or social media posts, mp4, mp3, jpeg or png formats.

*Review the content calendar and how to utilize it to save you time.

*How to create a branding board and guidelines.

NOTE: Your Zoom recordings will be emailed to you immediately after purchase - please add [email protected] to your safe sender list to ensure you receive it.